What is this, and how do I use it?

This is a tool to keep consistency with your goals, and in your life. It is a simple prototype of a complete new way to keep track of your life, and to reach new plateaus. The premis is simple; keep the chain as long as possible.

You might want to do a good deed every day, exercise every day, make sure you write something every day, or something completely different. It just have to be something you need to do for a longer period. Note: If you are tracking, e.g. exercise, you might want to keep a day, or two, off every week. If this is your workout regime, then you should just mark these days done, as it is still part of the chain.

Are you interested in more? Then you should sign up for beta access to the feature rich consistency tool, where you can keep up with your friends, automate the process, and much more.

Limitations and features

  • This tool works with local storage. Nothing is stored on any servers, it is all in your local computer!
  • Obviously, the restriction are that you are not able to switch to another computer, or other browser to continue the tracking. It will only be stored in your local browser. If you wish a much more feature rich tracking tool, then sign up for beta access to our new consistency tool.
  • Note: There is a synchronization module built-in as well, in case you wish access your data from multiple devices. When enabled, the module will connect to the keep-the-chain.com's server, and backup your data.
  • You can download the tool, share it, and even modify it.
  • This tool is released under MIT license, and the design is copyright 2012 under Dream Conception.


  • The system works best if you see the timeline as much as possible to keep remind you about the work day. It can be in a second monitor, or wherever you like